The Real Story of January 6

Commentary On July 27, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select committee to investigate events surrounding the Jan. 6 protests at the Capitol will hold its first hearing. The panel is part of a broader effort to paint the demonstration as an “insurrection,” and thereby characterize nearly 75 million Donald Trump voters as “domestic terrorists.” But there’s another reason Pelosi and her colleagues, law enforcement, and the press are pushing the insurrection narrative—to cover up the one obvious crime committed that day in the Capitol building, a murder. See it in context: On May 4, 1970, Ohio National Guardsmen shot to death four Kent State University students protesting the Vietnam War. Events earlier that week set the stage for violent confrontation. The radicals who dominated the protest movement were not angels. They threw beer bottles at policemen. The campus ROTC was set on fire. Students threw rocks, too, sending one policeman to …

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