The Progressive Scottish Gender Bill

It’s often difficult to distinguish the cunning from the stupidity, the foolishness from the evil, of the political class.
In Scotland, a bill has been passed to make it easier for 16-year-olds to change their gender on official documents and to be recognized as their chosen gender (the word sex has, of course, been expunged from the discussion, and will soon be as redundant as the word “unhappy,” which has now been replaced in common parlance by “depressed”).
According to the bill, all that an adolescent would have to do to change his or her “gender assigned at birth” is to say that he or she wishes to do so and then live in the new gender for three months. No medical evidence or medical treatment, hormonal or surgical, would be required; in essence, you would simply be the gender that you said you were. And you would have an official certificate to prove it, which it would be an offense for others to disregard….

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