The Perfect Storm for a War With China

News Analysis A war between China and Taiwan is nearly inevitable. And if the U.S. military intervenes, it could easily escalate, drawing in several of the world’s most powerful militaries. China’s Ministry of National Defense published its defense policy, which includes suppressing “proponents of separatist movements … and to oppose and contain ‘Taiwan independence.’” The document goes on to outline a number of goals, including “to solve the Taiwan question and achieve complete reunification of the country.” It is clear that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sees Taiwan as part of China and it is determined to rule over the island nation. In 1979, when the United States switched its recognition from Taiwan (officially known as the Republic of China or ROC) to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), U.S. troops were removed from Taiwan, but Washington stressed that it would continue to maintain cultural, commercial, and other relations with …

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