The Pasha’s Vision: Sprawling Sabina Estate Listed for 58 Million Euros

Just like there’s a season for all things, there are levels to everything. In real estate, there are many tiers of luxury, too. For instance, if you want 40 bedrooms, the world’s most famous rose garden, and the dream estate of a dreamer, you’ll pay top dollar. Or in the case of La Tenuta del Pascià (“The Estate of the Pasha”)—precisely 58 million euros ($65.6 million). The vision of the pasha from Albania, Giorgio Mece, La Tenuta del Pascià began as a small 74-acre farm (30 hectares) outside the medieval village of Roccantica in the Sabina region northeast of Rome. Today, the 321-acre (130-hectare) estate’s houses, gardens, orchards, and nature fields surround an incomparable rose garden in the shape of an angel’s wing. Dedicated to Vacuna, the Sabina goddess of the woods, Vacunae Rosae has 5,000 varieties of the world’s rarest roses spread across five acres. Mece, who was the prefect of Durrës, Albania, …

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