‘The Next Thing I Know I Was Coming to. They Actually Knocked Me Out” – Catholic Victim Speaks Out After Brutal Beating by Leftist with Brass Knuckles at St. Louis Statue

Catholic Victim Speaks Out After Brutal Beating by Leftist with Brass Knuckles at St. Louis Statue

Last week The Gateway Pundit organized a prayer rally in the Statue of St. Louis on Art Hill on Saturday Afternoon in Forest Park.In Answer to our prayer rally Barbarous leftists and Black Lives Matter Arranged a counter Muster and Also smeared the Catholic Prayer rally as a KKK event.

For the album a Democrat Party offshoot, the KTopicsKK, targeted and killed Catholics.

We’ve covered the rally broadly here.  Several priests were in the St. Louis Statue.  Catholics were in the statue.  And dozens of violent leftists and Black Lives Issue activists showed up to interrupt and hurl profanities in the Catholics and Christians assembled in the statue of St. Louis.

Catholic Victim Speaks Out After Brutal Beating by Leftist with Brass Knuckles at St. Louis Statue

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This is one video in the rally during our praying.
Catholics remained in the statue following the prayer service and several leftists were not there to create trouble.
At one point a 61-year-old Catholic guy in St. Louis was jumped by the violent leftists and Black Lives Issue activists.

On Monday night we spoke with that guy named”Paul” and he explained his horrible ordeal.
We agreed with Paul that his name would not be used by us within our article.
Paul is also a devotee and a devout Catholic of Saint Louis. He’s attended many prayer rallies in the monument at Forest Park the previous two weeks. There are numerous neighborhood Catholics who recite a rosary nightly.
Paul was engaging in a few of the chanting in the statue once he was informed by the leftist activists,”You are not welcome .” Paul added,”That’s when the radical Muslims said,’That’s the KKK!”” Thus Paul and several other Catholic men proceeded to the side of the statue.
Paul says leftist counter-protest and the whole Black Lives Issue was exceptionally organized.
When Paul said the far left activists and members of the Regional Muslim Activist Network assaulted 19, that is. “I was attempting to steer clear of the man who struck me because he was hitting anyone he would. We were huddled together and there were about four people that are white and they came . They said that no more you don’t get it. You are not welcome !”

BLM protesters brought Catholics that were counter-protest guns stating a rosary. (Dan Powell)
That’s when the violence began. Even the leftists then grabbed one of those guys by the neck and pushed at Paul and held him up against the statue. Another guy said to me,”If he hits him. I am hitting you.” Paul stated then some man that was white was pouring liquid onto his head so Paul knocked on the liquid and went following the white man. And the next thing I know I was coming back into. They really knocked out me. Yeah, it knocked me out.” Paul says they got photos of everything else except him on the floor by the St. Louis statue unconscious.
They defeat him.

The thugs struck his eyeglasses. He went into the ER to find a brain scan and also to get his chin.
Paul then explained how when he arrived that point were protester”medics” there to assist him. When they are beaten unconscious by protesters their goal on this occasion was to attend to victims that are Catholic. Two”escorts” then offered to walk him back to his motor car. These are also activists who pretend to be there to take care of those that harm in the violence or are defeated unconscious. That is now at rallies across the country. The rallies are exceptionally organized and well funded.
When Paul revealed the”medics” his busted lip they offered him a Band-Aid. They had been anticipating violence. They do. Paul states,”They had been bullshit medics.”
Paul also stated the organized left communicated with each other and had walkie-talkies.
Paul stated that his escort was a Teamster.
Paul stated,”They get their thick to make an incident and beat someone’s head . Then they get that person to leave by providing them “medical care.” The abandoned just needed the medics there because they knew that they were going to be beating heads . This is truly sick.”
Along with the sickest think is these”medics” and”escorts” think they are the good guys.
Paul is recovering this week in his home in St. Louis.

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