The Moral Arguments for Taiwan’s Independence Have Been Made by Xi Jinping

Commentary There are two major moral arguments for Taiwan’s independence, and surprisingly they were both recently made by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping. The first is the threat of violence against Taiwan. On the eve of the anniversary of the 1911 Xinhai revolution, which ended China’s last imperial dynasty, the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty, Xi stated that “reunification of the nation must be realized, it will definitely be realized.” He also noted in this address, made in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, that the Taiwan issue arose “from national weakness and chaos,” but will be resolved “with the rejuvenation of the nation.” Xi’s most recent implicit threat to Taiwan was backed by the muscle of numerous violations of Taiwanese airspace—the most recent indications of the Chinese regime’s aggression toward the island nation. The second argument, which did not receive the attention of the first, was the CCP’s decision …

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