“The Man Mentally Can’t Function – You Wouldn’t Hire Him to Run Your Store” – Rudy Giuliani Unloads on Joe Biden and His Handlers (VIDEO)

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani Combined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Banking to Talk about the Continuing protests and rioting in New York and the Country.

During their conversation Maria asked Mayor Giuliani about the campaign of Joe Biden .
Rudy let loose what is obvious to everyone — Joe Biden can not run a grocery store let alone the country now.

Rudy Giuliani: When he said that Trump is oblivious, like looking in the mirror, that’s isn’t it? That’s projection. Even with his state that is deteriorated he could endeavor. I mean the man is not unaware. There’s something wrong with you if you can not see that this man is sick. And, we have a lot of people on the side and a great deal of people in his family. And, they are running . It’s so skeptical and it reveals so a great deal of disrespect to the United States of America that you might try to place a man. It’s frightening how we have lost any sense of caring about the country. The man mentally can not function. You can not hire him. You wouldn’t hire a store to run. I wouldn’t hire a store to run. He’d get it .

Of course it right and everyone knows it. The more Americans see Joe Biden. Joe’s policies are bad but his state is a non-starter.

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Via Sunday Morning Banking:

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