The Left’s Engagement With US Corporations Led to ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Says Justin Danhof

Executive Vice President of the National Center for Public Policy Research, Justin Danhof, called corporations’ catering to the left’s progressive agenda “woke capitalism.” He told NTD’s “Capitol Report” this has been a deliberate effort by the left through engaging companies and pushing a political and social agenda. “The left decided to engage with business, the right has ignored business to our peril. I like to say that big business divorced the right about a decade ago, but we just found the papers in a drawer last week,” said Danhof. Two key progressive measures that corporations have gotten behind in the last year are legislation to federalize elections and another called the “Equality Act.” “So in Georgia this spring, we saw as hundreds of leading companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Bank of America all came out and decried what were common-sense voter integrity measures that are, by the way, perfectly …

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