The Impact of a Transexual in Women’s Sports

My daughter, as a senior on a high school girls basketball team, enjoyed a very successful season last year, given that there were eight seniors. These girls played many hours together both during and off-season. On a lark, they spent a practice scrimmaging the boys’ freshman basketball team. According to my daughter, the boys destroyed her team; it wasn’t even close. Such is the lopsided nature of our birth sex. The consequences of allowing trannys into girls’ sports are far-reaching in many respects. The minute one joins a girls’ team, the impact is immediate. Many on the team are likely to quit. After all, who wants to participate where abilities are so lopsided? Other teams in the league are likely to not participate against a tranny team. Rather, they would just forfeit than be involved with a charade of “women’s” sports. At this point, the league is in jeopardy and …

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