The Guardian Promotes Petition to Remove Racist Image of St. Michael Stomping Out the Devil Because It’s Racist

Please cease.
The Guardian is promoting a petition to remove the design of St. Michael stomping out the devil about the purchase of St. Michael and St. George decoration.
It is shameful.
Since the image of this devel is a dragon with a face that was dark, blacks could be offended.

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Here is a picture of this St. Michael and St. George decoration.

The reported:
The UK’s Guardian newspaper is encouraging a petition to alter the design of an insignia on a British honour which depicts the victory of the Archangel St. Michael over Satan as it’s reminiscent of the passing of convicted criminal George Floyd.
The Order of St. Michael and St. George is an honour bestowed by the reigning monarch of England on those who are being recognised for their services concerning foreign and Commonwealth affairs.
On the other hand, the depiction of St. Michael standing upon a defeated Satan, representing God’s victory over the Devil has triggered the writers in the Guardian since it reminds him of the passing of George Floyd.
As he chased her home the home invader who stuck a gun into the stomach of a pregnant woman died after being knelt by a Minneapolis police officer charged with murder.

This is an extremely offensive image, it’s also reminiscent of the recent murder of George Floyd by the white policeman in exactly the identical fashion presented here within this particular decoration.
We the undersigned are calling for this decoration to fully redesigned in a more suitable manner and for an official apology to be awarded for the offence it has contributed!”

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