The Forgotten Art of Etiquette: Proper Behavior That Embraces Divine Wisdom

Etiquette has its own divine wisdom. It is an art form of being civil, differing across cultures and times, benefiting everyone involved—which, when practiced, keeps us from deviating to ignorantly rude mortals and brings our consciousness closer to a realm beyond this physical world. Originally, etiquette reflected the universal norms of proper behavior. But, in essence, it is all about self-awareness: how to act in a dignified way when alone or with others, as well as extending a piece of kindness and grace in our interactions, and being mindful of all little details, including respecting the space we occupy. It’s no wonder that, in history, those who valued etiquette civility were remembered as the true heroes of the people they served. While great leaders set a good example of manners and decorum, positively influencing people’s etiquette, there had also been leaders who left impressions for the worse. For instance, the …

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