The Bitter Side of Sweetness: How We Came to Crave Overly Sweet Foods, and How to Find a Balance

It’s hard to view sugar as a vice. Consumption is legal and often encouraged by friends and family. It’s available everywhere. It’s enjoyed by young and old alike and sweet treats have been a pivotal part of our celebrations and get-togethers for generations.
Simply put, sweetness provides a pleasurable experience. A few nibbles of a cookie or sips of a soda delivers a delicious rush of temporary gratification. But sweetness also has a bitter side that is becoming harder to ignore. For decades, studies have revealed a close association between excess sugar consumption and disease.
At the same time, we also possess a powerful drive that can be even more difficult to ignore. We naturally seek sweetness. It tastes fantastic and nothing delivers quicker energy to our cells than a simple monosaccharide sugar known as glucose….

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