Thanks for Giving

Commentary For some, this Thanksgiving—like last year—is a more difficult occasion than previous ones. Perhaps a loved one has died from COVID-19, or you feel isolated from relatives and friends due to lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, vaccinations (or not), masks, and “distancing” and might think you have little to celebrate or be thankful for. You might be struggling over what to do with an errant child or grandchild who ought to be thankful for what has been done for him or her but is headed down the wrong road. How can you be thankful for that? Because their lives are not over and there is the possibility they will “come to their senses” and be thankful then. Are you surprised and possibly a little irritated when you thank someone for something and instead of saying “you’re welcome,” the person on the receiving end of your thanks says, “no problem”? When …

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