Tesco to Phase Out Chinese Surveillance Cameras Over Security and Human Rights Concerns

Britain’s biggest supermarket Tesco has said it will ditch Chinese-made surveillance cameras from its stores, heeding warnings from human rights groups that they pose serious security and ethical risks.
Tesco revealed the decision in response to an appeal from campaign groups Big Brother Watch, Hong Kong Watch, Stop Uyghur Genocide, and Free Tibet urging the supermarket chain to remove from its stores CCTV cameras made by Chinese firms Hikvision and Dahua.
In a letter dated Feb. 22, the groups said these Chinese firms are “involved in serious human rights abuses and associated with significant security issues.”
“These companies provide technology that facilitates the persecution and oppression of ethnic and religious groups in the Uyghur region (“Xinjiang”), Tibet, and Hong Kong and have no place in the UK,” they said….

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