Teachers’ Union Head Attacks Jewish ‘Ownership Class’ for Pushing to Reopen Schools

The president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randi Weingarten, has drawn criticism after she labeled Jewish parents pushing for schools to reopen as privileged members of the “ownership class.” Weingarten, who is herself Jewish and married to a rabbi serving a New York City-based progressive congregation, was asked in a phone interview in March with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about those in the Jewish community who are “very skeptical” of efforts from teachers unions to keep schools closed. Specifically, the interviewer asked Weingarten about what she thinks of parents in Los Angeles who are baffled to see teachers refusing to go back to teach in classrooms while their schools are receiving millions of dollars in pandemic aid. The United Teachers of Los Angeles, the union representing some 33,000 teachers in the nation’s second-largest district, last month condemned the California governor’s reopening plan, calling it “a recipe for propagating structural …

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