Tarte Normande: A Classic French Apple Tart With Local Flavor

Famous for its bucolic villages, lush apple orchards, and storied dairy farms, Normandy is a northern French region that produces exceptional apples, Calvados, butter, and crème fraîche—all of which collide in the delicious Tarte Normande. This iconic regional dessert features a sandy, buttery crust filled with juicy apple wedges, nestled in a Calvados-infused custard. It’s an easy, rustic recipe for your baking repertoire, best made in the fall, when apples are in season. From the best apples to pick to the perfect homemade pâte sablée, here’s what you’ll need to make it at home. The Local Liquor Calvados, an apple brandy from Normandy, is one of the region’s most renowned exports. The amber-hued elixir is distilled from dry cider, produced with blends of only specially-grown Normandy apples—making it an AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) product. Beloved for its sweetness and smooth layers of fruit and oak, Calvados became the drink …

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