Talented Artist Creates Incredibly Detailed Sand Sculptures Across the World

An Italian artist who spent his summers as a child building sandcastles at the seaside has turned his passion into a profession creating incredible sand sculptures around the world. Leonardo Ugolini, 52, who hails from Forlì, a town in the northeastern part of Italy, and is currently a resident of Lithuania, discovered an entire universe that revolved around sand sculptures as he grew older. “Curiosity led me to learn more about sand and it became a profession by chance,” Ugolini told The Epoch Times via email. For the last 30 years, the talented artist, who doesn’t spend more than a month in each country, has been creating detailed sculptures around the world and admits that he is still learning new things each day. Ugolini’s intricate and realistic sand sculptures are inspired by movies, everyday life, space, manga, and, architecture. Additionally, he also says that his memories from his childhood and …

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