Taiwan Bolsters Defense With Minelaying Ships

Could the United States lose all its flights to China? The country has enacted strict travel restrictions due to a surge of virus cases, while Hong Kong’s status as a transit point for international flight passengers may be a thing of the past. Taiwan ramps up its defense. Now the island’s navy is equipped with new vessels installed with automated mine-deploying systems. Over 100 people who practice Falun Gong died in China last year, including an 80-year-old man. Beijing’s persecution of the peaceful meditation system is now coming into its 23rd year. A sudden lockdown order leaves one woman stuck in a stranger’s home—after a blind date. A string of social media posts detail the days-long date. A promotional campaign from KFC in China is a little too successful. The American fast-food chain is now facing a state-backed clampdown. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more first-hand news from China. …

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