Taiwan: A US-China Flash Point

Commentary China recently held military drills near southern Taiwan, with warships and 11 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft entering Taiwan’s airspace. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said the drills were in response to “external interference.” The communist regime claims that Taiwan is its territory, in spite of the fact that Taiwan has been self-governing since 1949, and that it has never governed Taiwan. The official name for Taiwan is the Republic of China (ROC). It is located on the island of Formosa, which lies about 81 miles from the southeast coast of mainland China, bordering the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait. Over 95 percent of the island’s 23.8 million inhabitants are ethnic Chinese. The rest are aboriginals, members of 16 recognized indigenous groups of Malayo-Polynesian peoples. Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1895 to 1945. After the Kuomintang (KMT) forces, under Chiang Kai-shek, faced military defeat …

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