Surviving COVID-19 in California

Commentary I came down with COVID-19. It’s been mild so far. I thought readers might like to know what it’s like getting through it in California. I’m only going to mention briefly that I didn’t get the vaccine. I have my reasons. I understand the science. I never discouraged anyone from getting it. Several of my friends have gotten it and have done fine, avoiding COVID. Maybe I’m just an ornery American who doesn’t like government dictates. Use your own judgment. It’s still a free country. Day 1. Nov. 17, Wednesday In the afternoon I started feeling a little weird. I’ve taking my temperature almost daily since the pandemic started in March 2020, using a hand-held device like they have in hospitals. Temperature: 97.9, normal. It would stay there throughout the ordeal, with one exception on Day 2. Symptoms: dizziness, chills, coughing, wheezing, exhaustion. Sort of like a mild cold—which …

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