Supreme Court Declines to Reinstate Vote of 1 Million Florida Felons

The court failed to reevaluate a lower court ruling that prevents felons with exceptional debt that was court-imposed from registering to vote.
It is safe to say Democrats think the felon vote will probably help their chances from the Sunshine State.
MSN reported:

The Supreme Court on Thursday let stand a lower court ruling which will strip unemployment eligibility from around 1 million Florida felons who have completed their sentences but have yet to pay restitution, outstanding fines and other fees.

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In a opinion, the conservative-majority court failed to reevaluate that a federal appeals court ruling which enables felons to prevent with exceptional debt that is court-imposed from registering to vote since a July 20 main election registration deadline processes.
Three of the court’s more liberal justices, Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, dissented.
“Under this strategy, nearly a thousand otherwise-eligible citizens can’t vote unless they pay money,” composed Sotomayor, who also called the policy a”voter paywall.”
The dispute concerns a 2018 amendment to Florida’s constitution which restored voting rights to those with felony convictions who had completed”all conditions” of the sentences.

In April 2019 Jared Kushner announced that enrolled as Democrats in Florida as Republicans.

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