Supporters Line Up Several Hours Before President Trump’s Rally in Michigan Tonight (VIDEO)

Supporters lined up a few hours until President Trump was put to arrive in Freeland, Michigan to get a rally.
President Trump is holding a rally Thursday evening at 7 PM local time at Avflight Saginaw at the MBS International Airport.
There is a fun, joyous tailgate-like atmosphere over 8 hours before Trump is set to hold his rally.

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Tailgate party!

Biden talked to a handful of reporters sitting social networking circles then hurried away from the podium after fighting through his address.

Joe Biden is faring worse than Crooked Hillary in Michigan this year — a state President Trump won in 2016.
Hillary maintained a 3.6 point lead over Donald Trump in Michigan on election day 2016 — 47.0 to 43.4.
Biden holds a 3.2 point lead over Trump this year as per a bias polls.

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