Student Newspaper Takes Down Story on Academics Linked to CCP

Editors of a student-run newspaper in an Australian university have been slammed for their decision to withdraw an article detailing two academics’ ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) due to the current “escalating Sinophobia” in society. University of Sydney’s Honi Soit newspaper released a story on March 31 claiming two professors from its engineering department had ties to CCP recruitment programs and alleged that they collaborated with sanctioned Chinese universities on military technology research. Just hours after publication, the editors decided to take down the story, saying they “unreservedly apologised” due to the harm it caused to the two mentioned academics, the Chinese community, and readers. “Honi acknowledges that directly naming those academics was negligent, particularly in the face of escalating Sinophobia and racism at the University of Sydney and in wider society,” the editors wrote in a statement on Facebook. “Moving forward, we will ensure that we are …

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