Stuart Varney Goes Off After Corrupt Media Peppers President Trump with Outrageous Questions During Presser on Record Economic Numbers (VIDEO)

The Trump market hit new records on Friday adding 2.5 million jobs to the market.  The unemployment rate fell to 13.3percent
Job amounts through the end of May were better than anticipated.
The Trump White House was pleased with the news.

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This is a record on occupations!
President Trump maintained a presser in the Rose Garden following the news.
The President signed legislation following his opinions giving companies more time to spend coronavirus loans.

Would the terrorists understand they are?

The DC press that was dreadful determined that this is a good moment to strike the president with questions.
This was a brand new low for the social websites.
FBN host Stuart Varney went off!

Stuart Varney: Can you hear that? Can you hear that? The President is signing the PPA shift of principles and the press is currently yelling hostile questions ! Think about the black unemployment rate? … That is truly extraordinary behavior from America’s media.

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