Spitzer Blasts Lawsuit Against DNA Database Program

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said a lawsuit challenging a DNA database overseen by his office was “outrageous” and “absurd.” University of California–Irvine (UCI) Law School professors and students filed the suit Feb. 16 in Orange County Superior Court against the county and Spitzer’s office, seeking an injunction to prevent the Orange County District Attorney’s (OCDA) office from “coercing often indigent persons charged with misdemeanors” into contributing their genetic material into its DNA database. “The OCDA DNA collection program has solved crimes that would have never been solved,” Spitzer said Feb. 18. “Participation in this program is completely voluntary, is in no way coercive, and involves multiple layers of safeguards to ensure absolute voluntary participation.” Spitzer also argued that the program, which provides leniency to defendants who agree to submit their DNA to the database, “helps to prevent mass incarceration in Orange County while having a significant positive impact on stopping future crime.” “Recidivism is …

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