South Korean Rescuers Locate Man at Collapsed Construction Site

SEOUL, South Korea—South Korean rescuers on Thursday located a man under a pile of debris and broken concrete at the construction site of a 39-floor building that partially collapsed three days earlier, leaving six workers missing, officials said. Crews were trying to clear the rubble to reach the man, but have yet to confirm whether he is alive, said Yoo Man-geun, an official in southern Gwangju city. Dozens of rescue workers, assisted by dogs and drones equipped with thermal cameras, are searching the site, but their efforts have been slowed by worries about the stability of the apartment building in the city’s Hwajeongdong district which partially collapsed Tuesday. HDC Hyundai Development, the main contractor for the project, plans to deploy unmanned excavators to clear the rubble and use nets and other safety measures in case the structure crumbles further, Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-seop said. HDC also plans to remove a …

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