South Bay Residents Protest Against Mask and Vaccine Mandates

About 100 South Bay residents gathered in front of the Torrance City Hall on Sept. 11 to protest against recent mask and vaccine mandate policies. Rally organizers Kristy Mueller and Jennifer Viggiano, who has been living in South Bay for more than two decades, said they chose to come out not only to protest against the “medical tyranny,” but to honor those who lost their lives twenty years ago. They claim that South Bay residents have been severely impacted and eventually provoked by the mandatory mask and vaccine mandate policies that are enforced by schools, government, and workplaces. “We feel strongly that we need to stand up for our freedoms, they are slowly being eroded,” Mueller told The Epoch Times. In August, the California Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles City Council have demanded all healthcare workers and its employees including policemen and firefighters be fully vaccinated by …

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