South Australian Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman Resigns over Conflict of Interest Allegations

South Australian Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman has resigned and stood aside as Attorney-General and minister while the state ombudsman conducts an investigation into a potential conflict of interest regarding her refusal of a port on Kangaroo Island, ABC News reported. This comes on the back of the South Australian Parliament passing a vote of no confidence against Chapman last week after finding she had a real and perceived conflict of interest which the committee saw as a breach of the ministerial code of conduct. Although moved by Labor, the committee inquiry was also supported by crossbench liberal MPs and investigated Chapman’s decision to block the development of the timber port when she was Minister for Planning. The Kangaroo Island (KI) port was to be a woodchip export facility at Smith Bay. According to Infrastructure Magazine, the facility would include a fully-piled jetty around 650 metres long and export up to 730,000 …

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