Sole to Soul: Mending Our Treasures, Repairing Ourselves

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Some of us still practice the frugality of that New England proverb. We wear a favorite sweatshirt until it’s falling apart, we keep our fingers crossed and hope our 10-year-old pickup truck has another year or two of life, we patch up a favorite recliner with duct tape and sink into it for a nap. Overall, however, we’re a throwaway society. Some people purchase a new car every couple of years. Others shuck off their old phones every time a new one comes to market. A bank executive rummages through her closet, ridding herself of perfectly good dresses and skirts, and then goes shopping to replace them. Often this same process of eradication prevails in our relationships. Friends hurt our feelings, and so we quit calling or seeing them. A wife determines her husband isn’t earning enough money …

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