SICK MONSTERS: Police Still Looking for BLM Protesters in Columbus, Ohio, Who Attacked Disabled Man with Cerebral Palsey Stuck in Traffic (VIDEO)

Columbus, Ohio, authorities are still looking for the violent Black Lives Issue protesters who assaulted an elderly guy with Cerebral Palsey.
Columbus police released video this week which documents folks directed at a victim using others who tried to stop the violence and came to his rescue and his automobile as well as Cerebral Palsy. The video shows the barbarous BLM protesters throwing objects on it, jump on his red Buick, and smashing its windows out.
Eldon Hawkins is 58-years-old and has cerebral palsy.
10 WBNS that they believed they went to kill him was informed by eldon.

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Columbus Police asks anyone with video or advice evidence concerning this incident to return.

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