SHOCKER: Co-Founder of Never Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Was Foreign Agent for …Russia

Their cause that is real is not to protect democracy and the rule of law, but instead to conquer President Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.
We saw that at 2016, a set of self acclaimed true’conservatives’ joined in a bid to view Donald Trump.  Dana Loesch, Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, Andrew McCarthy, glenn Beck, Katie Pavlich and many others claimed they knew more than offender Trump about conservatism.
Luckily for America, their attempts to avoid offender Trump backfired on election night.

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A second gaggle of those who claim that they understand better than President Trump on what is ideal for America, formed a group from the name of the’Lincoln Project’ in an additional effort defeated in the Presidential election.

Abraham Lincoln was a great Republican Presidentwho like President Trump, was attacked by Democrats and angry and angry folks in the media who believed that they knew better than President Lincoln.
Lincoln won the Civil War, combined the nation then in his activities and slaves in the united states . However there were people who believed by allowing the Confederacy go they can do a better job.  They were incorrect.
President Trump is attacked just as no President in American history with the exception of Lincoln.  Regardless of this, the record of Trump achievements is enormous.  No President since Lincoln has done to save this wonderful nation.
Writer, Online sensation Mike Cernovich and film maker tweeted last night about a co-founder of this’Lincoln Project’:
Lincoln job co-founder John Weaver was a paid representative of RUSSIA!
You just can not make this stuff up.
This group of phonies will be bastardizing the Lincoln name. 

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