Shanghai Tenant and Victim of Demolition Evicted After Posting Anti-CCP Content

A Chinese tenant was forcibly evicted by his landlord—who confessed to being pressured by local authorities—over an anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) post on social media. The male retiree, named Dai Zhongyao, wrote “Given the Chinese communist regime is a member state of the U.N. Human Rights Council, I urge the People’s Republic of China to quit the U.N.” Afterward, officers from Sichuan Road Police Station pressured his landlord to evict him, Dai told The Epoch Times. Dai lived in Hongkou District, in China’s metropolitan Shanghai. He said his landlord acted under duress from local officials. The CCP had previously demolished his property and did not provide appropriate compensation. He further accused Shanghai authorities of an inhumane resettlement policy that has made him a victim of forced demolition for 20 years. Dai cited an official publication from 1997, which states that a single person whose property was demolished for redevelopment could …

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