“Shame on You!… You Have Lost It! You’re a Dinosaur!” – FIREWORKS — Cornel West ERUPTS after Fellow Leftist Calls Him Out on Defunding Police! (VIDEO)

Far left political activist and social critic Cornel West was encouraged to debate to defunding the authorities in 27, fellow Leo Terrell. Considering that the riots and looting began around America Leo Terrell has been a voice of sanity defending railing and the police in the violent protesters.
When asked when he supports defending the authorities Throughout the discussion Cornel West filibustered. Leo assaulted for not answering the question knowing that a left radical, West, affirmed the idea of no funds for 26, West.

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Leo Terrel smashed him back”Shame on you! … You have missed it! You are a dinosaur… He won’t say he is opposed to defunding the authorities because he supports it. And I do not! … You are a dinosour!”
Via Hannity:

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