Seattle Resident Says He Felt Held Hostage by Antifa, Abandoned by Democrat Leaders (VIDEO)

Seattle police slipped into the town’s CHOP/CHAZ zone Wednesday morning afterwards Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order which required protesters leave the region, that has been occupied for at least fourteen days.
Far-left Mayor Jenny Durkan allowed anarchists to hijack six square blocks for almost weeks.

In fact, CHOP was full of criminal action and violence.

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A Seattle resident spoke out after the police cleared out the anarchists.
There was another shooting in the CHAZ/CHOP”autonomous zone” of Seattle about 3 pm Monday morning — that is the fifth one since rioters took over the region.
Even the Seattle Police Chief confirmed later which both victims of their shooting CHAZ/CHOP were black males.
1 victim, a died, the other is in critical state.
There were two confirmed murders in CHAZ/CHOP in the past week.
Seattle’s Mayor ordered CHOP to be dismantled after the mad militants revealed up to her doorstep.
Mayor Durkan ought to be charged with murder for permitting Black Lives Matter militants along with Antifa domestic terrorists to prepare an”autonomous zone”

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