Seattle: NBC Reporter Hit With Firework, Still Refers To “Peaceful” Protest

On the night of protests-turned-riots, exactly the exact same verse was repeating in Seattle, where things got out of hand, authorities declared a riot, and utilized explosives and tear gas to break up the crowds.
As a single skirmish was unfolding, and individuals were darting in a variety of directions, she was hit with what seems to be firework. And right before she moved it appeared as though rioters tried to disable her gear. You can one woman (?) shrieking “YOU SORRY BITCH!” Plus it was all captured on video as she was reporting!
UPDATE (clarification): Given the chaotic nature of this scene, it’s difficult to tell exactly who lobbed the firework. Protesters are seen shooting fireworks off seconds before the thing hit her. It’s unclear whether or not that is a line of authorities way from black rioters or the background.

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Reminiscent of last weeks quip about the protests in Minneapolis being”mostly calm” as buildings burned off in the backround,  literally at Exactly the Same period that the MSNBC YouTube Channel posted that movie, they posted a movie about how”calm” the demonstration was:
Kent later reported that she was alright:
Of course leftists were quick to attribute authorities and state it was one of those burst balls or some other device launched an officer:
Here’s the key moment where the demonstration went from calm to authorities launching tear gas:

Seattle Police declared it a riot:
The audience started popping when men began accosting a female reporter:
Remarks like that were rolling :
The looting was endorsed by one Seattle town council member:

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