Save Austin Now Says It Gathered Enough Signatures to Add Police Funding Requirement to Ballot

Save Austin Now says it has collected enough signatures to add its proposal to require certain funding levels for the city’s police department to the November ballot. The bipartisan advocacy group announced it received more than 25,600 signatures for its latest petition. Once the signatures are verified, a proposed public safety law that requires funding the Austin Police Department will go on the November ballot. “We are thrilled to ensure our ballot position for the Nov. 2, 2021, election,” Save Austin Now co-founders Matt Mackowiak and Cleo Petricek said in a joint statement. “Austin has never been less safe than it is today and the police staffing crisis continues to worsen. In just 107 days, Austin will become the first major city to overturn defund the police through a citizen vote. Our city supports law enforcement, even if City Hall does not. Our message to [Mayor] Steve Adler and [Council …

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