Satans master plan

Satans master plan

Satans master plan. They have been working for decades on their master plan its a plan that will have unimaginable consequences on nearly every living soul. Only those who are strong in Faith and stand with Jesus Christ will be able to beat Satan’s master plan


good afternoon friends I’m Stephen by
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broadcast we really want to thank you
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there’s probably there’s many things
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every time we do a video this here is
probably gonna be no different it is
just that much information that we’re
going to be putting out and also at any
rate there let me share with you this is
something I did myself and me and my
wife we were listening to CNN news we
like to follow you know as they always
say you know have your friends close but
your enemies closer so yeah we do listen
to CNN to see what the propaganda the
CIA propaganda machine happens to be
saying and they were talking about this
new company called moderna but moderna
is some type of pharmaceutical company
biotech well maybe I shouldn’t even call
them biotech company but they are a well
I’ll just share with you the information
and then you can figure out what they’re
actually technically what they really
but moderna has been awarded a contract
by the US government for developing the
vaccine for the corona virus well I call
it the alleged pandemic there is a
corona by sure there is there’s 34
different strains of it and we’ve been
having them for over 50 years so I’m
sure every single person on the planet
practically would test positive if you
ever had a test in the first place
because they do not specifically test
for koban 19 as they so claim but at any
rate CNN was talking about this this
company moderna and of course you know
trying to make it look like they’re real
good journalists they were saying that
moderna has never even got I’ve got a
patent for vaccine they’ve never they’ve
never produced anything the
pharmaceutical industry but yet
they’re getting awarded all this money
to create the vaccine so I decided to do
a little research John of course has got
tremendous amount of research she’s
going to be putting out for a long inch
and what happened she gets so deep into
it then the next thing you know it
begins become old news and she’s still
researching so it’s just taking the time
to slow down and put out the information
she’s discovered but so I went into a
research on moderna myself I wanted to
share that with you here on patreon
because it’s very serious and it only
confirms the research that my wife’s
been doing and have been sharing already
that the vaccine that they’re going to
come out with although it will be in
stages as Celeste has shared with us a
former FEMA FEMA person there that
shared with us that they will actually
have DARPA technology as John Moore his
source there said it would have
nanotechnology and the vaccines that
will be coming out well this is this
company was very interesting and so I
started doing some research
had just put out this article March 17
2020 a couple weeks ago daily briefing
first Karnas virus vaccine clinical
trials began in the United States phase
one trial two vaccine from drug company
moderna is just the beginning of a long
process to test safety and efficiency
plus a complete accidental discovery
hints at how to use standard silicon
microchips in a quantum computer I mean
get that yeah how to use silicon
microchips in a quantum computer and
year without a without conferences
raises the questions of whether we need
them at all all right so I highlighted
that in blue for you on the screen and
this is where it gets really weird as
we’ve been saying microchips the DARPA
technology actually not DARPA it’s
another type of technology DARPA is one
of the other companies is producing
these things but that is a it’s some
type of a technology Jana knows this
information better that we learn from
Celeste the former FEMA a 20 year FEMA
veteran that said that the
technology will actually infuse the
microchip within your DNA and you got to
remember Bill Gates is constantly saying
you’re not going to be able return to
business to every person on the planet
has been vaccinated they sent some way
they keep the public safe where they use
that term keep the public safe to play
on your fears and emotions just like
9/11 9/11 a completely murder of US
citizens done by Mossad and CIA
operatives and a lot of other people in
the background to drag us into a war on
terror you know that also built on the
people’s fears next thing you know we
have x-ray scanner machines and the
airports traveling changed we have full
surveillance on the American public now
there’s no privacy
anything you say within your home if you
have a cell phone they track you they
listen to you key words trigger all this
and of course the AI the artificial
intelligence the Beast itself the
serpent as we say serpent because if you
remember David ‘bx who wrote the book
that we quote from quite frequently
speaks about the sacred serpent in the
AI serpent and this is something that
they believe was in the Garden of Eden
it was artificial intelligence that was
causing Adam and Eve to take the wrong
turn into sin against God well that’s
debatable I’m not here as far as they’re
saying that I endorse what they’re
saying but nonetheless it’s what they’re
doing now I know there’s been a lot of
movies that have come out talking about
how artificial intelligence takes over
the planet of course the people in
doubly bailing and trying to destroy the
artificial intelligence you know would
be a bad idea but the problem is is
we’re in over our head at this point
right now so as I said I did some
research on this company moderna
especially after reading that right
there this is their official website
moderna and of course their moderna is
executive committee they have here
a total of eight people there it’s 70
Stefani’s Bansal is a chief executive
officer a CEO Stephen Hoch is a medical
doctor but he’s the president as well
and I went through a lot of these people
Tracy Franklin Laurie Henderson of
course Marcelo Damania won Andres Oh
Lawrence Kim and of course the one that
really caught my attention too was dr.
Tao Zak’s he’s an MD medical doctor with
a PhD as well he’s a chief medical
officer on all of this
and he also comes from a company by the
way he was also educated at the Hebrew
University and Israel another place
where he was at but he comes from this
company called GSK bio
electronics our Indy unit and pursuing a
relatively new scientific field so I
want to play this clip here for you to
look at just for a moment so you can see
a little bit about where he comes from
and I think that you may find that well
how would we say quite interesting let’s
take a listen to this here real quick
the nervous system is nature’s
information superhighway it controls end
organ function by modulating activities
such as molecular release and muscle
tone over the last 300 years our
understanding of the nervous system has
grown immensely yet her ability to
influence it and treat disease remains
limited devices that harness electrical
impulses to modulate muscle tone and
neurotransmission do currently exist but
leaving aside the complexity of the
brain we believe that recent
technological advances provide us with a
way to achieve precision neuromodulation
in the peripheral nervous system
within peripheral nerves
we plan to selectively target bundles of
axons with an entity that can read and
write the signaling patterns passing
through these fibers if you’ll notice he
uses the the term an entity these
devices will treat disease at the point
of the end organ in the longer term we
want to read and write the action
potentials that travel in each of these
individual axons to achieve this
specificity we will attach the device to
the nerve bundle in question the device
itself could be electrical perhaps
taking the form of conductive polymers
wires or nanotubes these could be
inserted into the fascicles to trigger
the activity of specific axons or it
could be optical involving fluorescence
and nano reporters there’s no certainty
of what it will be but they’re already
sharing with you what they’re doing and
how that they’re going to implant these
things within you nanotechnology as
you’re also here mentioned in there
alternatively these micro devices could
be electromagnetic or ultrasonic in
nature wrapping around the fascicle
reading action potentials and writing
code through such precision
we believe these bio electronic
medicines will not only be a new avenue
for treating disease but they will have
greater therapeutic benefit and fewer
side-effects so imagine a day when
bioelectronic medicines sit alongside
existing therapies treating disease
through the peripheral nervous system
they could be harnessed to target the
nerves that control the constriction of
Airways in asthma for example I think we
got enough there I’ll post the link for
you in the description below this video
about there the most important thing
that we’re dealing with when we’re
looking at moderna the doctor tells X
you know he comes from this company here
bringing of course that technology along
with him to increase moderna z’
capabilities as well but what’s really
is when we go to find out exactly what
moderna really is all about and this is
unwired maybe some people may not agree
with this particular website there but
the information is already very much
readily available everywhere else online
as I’ve already been able to go to to
corroborate the information here but in
their article here that just came out
here or semen came out a couple of years
ago making personalized cancer vaccines
takes an army of robots take a look
inside the new manufacturing plant for
moderna therapeutics the Boston area
based biotech valued at seven billion
dollars now that was two years ago and
if you want to get an idea just how
popular this company has become I was
looking at an article on wsj markets
this I just looked at yesterday and
their stocks are definitely soaring even
at a time of economical economic
disparity forty seven dollars and ninety
three cents a share they’re up four
point to twenty two percent and that’s
after you know of course the report
comes out that they’re being given this
huge grant of money to be able to
develop a vaccine and by the way that
vaccine is without animal trials it’ll
be only human trials fda is bypassing
every loophole and hurdle and moderna is
saying that they would be ready within
about six months to actually bring about
this vaccine now i think it’s kind of
interesting they’ve been working on
these types of technologies long before
this this alleged coronavirus epidemic
came out and of course i needed some
type of pandemic to be able to justify
to say oh wow guess what by the way you
know we need this vaccine which i’m
going to get into that in just a little
bit as well but also in the article it
says more heads up RNA research at
moderna therapeutics worth an estimated
seven big and it’s one of the most
valuable private health care companies
in the world according to CB insights
the boston area based biotech firm is
one of the handful of business
developing technologies to turn people’s
own cells into drug manufacturing plants
using messenger RNA and MRI
a basically using your own DNA and the
different avenues that they can they can
manipulate within the body this one
reason why we have already been hearing
more and more since this alleged
pandemic began that you will you see
your doctor via phone conversation via
eventually via via computer going and
you won’t even go into your doctor well
eventually the whole point is is once
they have this microchip in you they
won’t even need the doctor the AI will
actually determine everything that you
have need of and it’ll give you exactly
what you have need of and it kind of
goes back to the idea biblically if you
think about this where satan says he
would be like the most high he wants to
sit in the temple of God and be
worshipped as if he were God and I’ve
said to you for a long time that God the
the Spirit of God the Holy Spirit lives
within us and by the Holy Spirit and of
course our faith in human also produce
healing of the body well Satan has no
ability to do something like that so
what he is trying to do instead is to
get in your body via this microchipping
or biotech you know us allowing that to
happen through these vaccines which
would give him the ability to both heal
your body all these type things to where
the next thing you know they’re going to
make the image and to the beast this AI
serpent technology and the people will
worship the Beast because now they no
longer have need of doctors or anything
else but remember they can also turn
your life off as well if they so choose
to do so so there’s a lot of a lot of
serious things that go along with it
this particular article I found here
also on moderna building the digital
biotech company I scanned through it so
I photographed some of the the pages in
there I want to share with you what I
found in this document this is one right
here and I photographed it because I
want to be able to blow it up so you can
see this better they deal with again
artificial intelligence AI is enabling
key breakthroughs and analytics
and predictive modeling that will help
accelerate our learning cycle
drastically provide us with critical
insights into research and production
data though that were otherwise
inaccessible and unachievable alright
there’s one for you right there another
one on the article and I’m gonna
actually take you to this chart that I
have right above that in just a moment
but let’s look at this one here moderna
was born at an auspicious time in the
midst of astonishing technology
innovations and digital technologies
such as robotics automation artificial
intelligence and cloud are reinventing
Andrea imaging business across every
sector we have fully embraced the
digital technologies to advance our
pipeline in our company in fact
digitization is one pillar of our
company’s vision so they are working
right along in a Bista system and if you
ever read any of these books that Yanis
talk so and much in depth about where
the Kabbalists agenda is taking the
people to the AI world you know there’s
a lot of people out there right now like
Jonathan Cahn Mark Biltz Yitzhak Shapira
even Paul Begley is even talking about
there’s coming a great revival that’s
part of that New Apostolic Reformation
the Messianic movement is well involved
the Evangelic oh groups involved all
these leaders are involved about talking
about this coming revival it’s not a
revival friends it will take you to the
crowning of the AI serpent they will say
the Messiah has returned and of course
as I shared with you even way back last
year say I don’t know November December
somewhere in there I was talking a lot
from our one of our friends over in
Israel that has access to the
intelligence field how that they were
working to put the AI technology within
the human genome well here it is this is
what they were talking about but they
were also working and putting Nephilim
technology into the human gene
as well and what was the purpose for
that that’s to bring about the
Antichrist himself that’s my opinion on
that part there but I believe that’s how
they would do it all right let me jump
back to this article that I was sharing
with you and I looked at moderna the
Amari NRA a technology platform and all
the companies that they’re connected to
and of course as you can see to the top
right hand corner right here and will
kind of blow this up and circle around
everything thing Madara and Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation
that’s the secret of the moderna
technology so they’re not going to tell
you anything about that going around
like a clock but during a alexion liver
into interest intracellular vertex they
partnered with them for the lungs and
then we go around and prophylactic
vaccines look cool they’re partnered
with here Merck Barda and DARPA just
like Celeste said in that video the
DARPA technology in the vaccines well
moderna is partnered with DARPA
therapeutic vaccines again but during a
merc and i know a lot about the merck
corporation because years ago we used to
be involved in deliveries of building
and shipping copiers and Merck was one
of those companies in Georgia that we
used to deliver their machines to very
very secretive company there but intra
intra tomorrow immuno oncology right so
they’re really and especially going back
to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
there’s some really really sinister
stuff going on now speaking of that
again here we have moderna and we got it
right here for you
modernity corporation foundations
advancing in RNA science and research
biopharma government foundations
Research Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation advancing the amun-ra basa
anti body combination to help prevent
HIV infection
right so such a wacko type a people out
there they’re looking to depopulate the
global planet and if that wasn’t bad
enough my good friend over in the
Netherlands sent me something here that
Microsoft course Bill and Melinda Gates
company Microsoft they just found a
patent right just filed for a patent
right let me let me show this one to you
here right you got to see this
this patent here is for cryptocurrency
system using body activity data this is
an international patent that’s been the
application has been applied for and of
course it’s going to make crypto system
currency crypto currency system
communication network and of course
communicating with your body ok so the
human body activity associated with
tasks provided to a user may be used in
a mining process of cryptocurrency
system a server may provide a task to a
device a user which is communicatively
coupled to the server a sensor
communicated typically coupled or
comprised and the device of the user
made since body activity of the user
body activity data may be generated
based on the sensor and let me just
highlight all this so you can see right
we’re reading from here right generate
based on the system body activity on the
of the user the cryptocurrency system
communicate if ‘ti coupled to the device
of the user may verify if the body
activity data satisfies one of the more
conditions set by the cryptocurrency
system and award cryptocurrency to the
user whose body activity data is
verified my god do you realize the
implications of that that’s social
credit scoring right there that’s you
can’t buy or sell unless you have that
mark friends we’re about to see a major
change in the very coming future they’re
all based on this alleged pandemic of
Crona virus all right now let me just
shock you then let me give you another
right there you know if you take and you
look at the at the statistics on this
it’s it’s it’s really amazing we shut
down the entire nation because we’ve had
to date they say two hundred eighteen
thousand plus people have died from the
corona virus now we’ve already been
sharing with you from from people that
we know personally that have shared with
us statistics in different areas of the
world how that they are people that are
dying that are not kovat patients are
being marked discovered patients we
shared with you how that hospitals in
America they get twelve thousand dollars
if they got a Kovac patient if they put
them on a ventilator they get thirty
nine thousand dollars shared that video
with you right there on the mainstream
news there I think they removed it
already but that’s the facts and then we
have coroner’s nurses doctors all
telling us people that are not dying of
kovat 19 and we’re not just talking
about America we’ve got people all over
the world sharing with us the
information these people are not dying
from the corona virus we also have
friends up in Canada doctors run a
clinic sent us gonna be reaching out to
a very soon sent us information things
that do treat and help people that are
sick they got raided and shut down
because the government doesn’t want
anybody knowing anything about those
things right but let’s take that in mind
with some other statistics we could say
for example and the measles vaccine we
have a measles vaccine right yet a
hundred and forty thousand people a year
still die from the measles there is you
also we also have vaccines for tetanus
but yet eighty nine thousand people
annually die still from tetanus
we have HPV vaccine yes still 253
thousand people died from it
tuberculosis vaccine yet it kills 1.5
million people influenza vaccine yet
650,000 to a 1 million deaths a year
come from influenza and yet nowhere
year the deaths do we have of this
so-called coronavirus only two hundred
eighteen thousand plus right now
globally yeah we’re going to shut down
the entire world there’s an agenda
definitely going on and that agenda
friends as I shared with you that agenda
is to make sure that they use a company
very similar that of moderna moderna may
not be the only company maybe another
company as we showed you already moderna
is very much entrenched with a lot of
different companies Bill Gates also
working on the secret apartment
when he worked with Zacks gonna kind of
kind of just hit that again they’re
they’re divans axe was developing the
technology to be able to put some kind
of device within your body that can
literally manipulate you now Bill Gates
his company Microsoft is now applying
for a patent to be able to do exactly
that think about what’s going on friends
it’s not good if you ever prayed this is
a our we need to be in prayer we need to
be seeking God more than we’ve ever
sodding we need to know that Jesus
Christ is walking alongside of us he has
our hand it’s gonna be some very trying
days but this is the Beast system it is
rising I’m Stephen banana and you’re
watching Israeli news live here on
patreon I don’t know if we can even risk
putting this on INL maybe later we’ll
consider it to try to get more people to
be able to see it but our friends here
your love your kindness your support we
wanted you to know this as soon as
possible thank you and god bless you


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