Saskatchewan Premier Says Lockdowns Won’t Help Province Get Through Omicron

Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe says more lockdowns won’t help provinces get through the Omicron variant. “It’s now clear, at least in this Omicron wave of the pandemic, that lockdown policies can cause harm in our communities, often with little or virtually no benefit,” Moe said during a press conference on Jan. 12. “They cause economic harm by taking away jobs and removing family livelihoods. They cause psychological harm by taking away social contact, most particularly for our youth, and they’re an infringement on the rights and freedoms that we have come to enjoy and value as Canadians.” The Omicron variant, which is highly contagious but presents milder symptoms compared to earlier strains of COVID-19, does not justify imposing additional restrictions, the premier had said previously, in a video posted on Twitter on Dec. 23. In the press conference on Jan. 12, Moe reiterated his point, arguing that the Omicron variant …

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