Russiagate the Model

Commentary Because former Attorney General William Barr failed to hold anyone accountable for the Democratic Party and FBI’s dirty tricks campaign against Donald Trump, Russiagate lives on. Indeed, recent news reports show that it has become the operational model that the party and its partners in the spy services and media will continue to use against their adversaries. The consequences are certain to be catastrophic, for setting intelligence operatives loose on one half of America cannot help but further fracture the country’s domestic peace. On Monday, reports surfaced that the Joe Biden administration may use private firms to collect intelligence on its critics, recategorized by the White House as “domestic terrorists.” What makes them dangerous, according to Biden surrogates, is that they believe—like many of the participants in the Jan. 6 events who have been held for five months in Washington, DC jails without bail—the 2020 election was compromised. Do …

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