Rolls-Royce Receives UK Funding to Develop Nuclear Reactor for Moon Exploration

Rolls-Royce has received UK government funding to develop a nuclear reactor for a future moon base.
Scientists and engineers at the British company are working on the Micro-Reactor programme to develop technology that will provide power needed for humans to live and work on the moon.
The UK Space Agency on Friday announced £2.9 million ($3.5 million) of new funding for the project, which will deliver an initial demonstration of a UK lunar modular nuclear reactor.
This comes after a £249,000 study funded by the agency in 2022.
Undated handout photo of a space colony, issued by Rolls-Royce on March 17, 2023. (Rolls-Royce via PA Media)
All space missions depend on a power source, to support systems for communications, life-support, and science experiments….

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