Rioting Protesters Torch Atlanta Wendy’s Where Black Man Was Shot and Killed by Police

Rioting protesters set fire to the Saturday night of a Atlanta Wendy. The fast food restaurant was the scene of the police Friday night of a man, 27-years-old Rayshard Brooks, as he uttered and fled using a Taser from arrest he uttered by a officer. Brooks, who was arrested after being found passed out at the wheel of a vehicle in line at the Wendy’s drive-thru and purportedly failed a field sobriety testthat was captured by police after he directed and turned the stolen Taser at an officer as he fled. Atlanta authorities Chief Erika Shields resigned Saturday afternoon on the shooting.
Long view:

TRENDING: Atlanta Police Chief Resigns Following Deadly Police Shooting of Black Man Resisting Arrest at Wendy’s Drive-Thru

Close-up view:
Protesters had earlier shattered window at the Wendy’s and tossed”fireworsk” inside.
Protesters also put a ablaze:
Videos from Friday night shooting:

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