Rex Murphy: No Surprise the ‘Squeamish Inquisition’ Wants to Stop Peterson’s Ottawa Talk

I see there’s another gaggle of busybody woke worry warts trying to cancel Jordan Peterson. There’s a spiderweb of left-wing organizations in Ottawa whose tender sensibilities are already afire with the thought of Dr. Peterson giving one of his world-class, world-celebrated talks in our nation’s capital, the site of the Parliament Buildings—ostensibly emblems and monuments to the most fundamental of freedoms, those of thought and speech.
Don’t Look Now, it’s the Squeamish Inquisition
There are 36 groups, that’s three dozen, who are all in trembles and tingles that Peterson will be allowed to speak to the likely thousands of Ottawa citizens who (a) would like to hear him, (b) would be delighted to hear him (I go by the evidence of previous talks of his, one of which I was pleased to host as moderator, and (c)—this is the strongest part—are totally capable adults who can choose whom they wish to hear and do not want woke ninnies attempting to bar anybody they don’t like and certainly cannot adequately debate….

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