REVEALED: Russia Has been Paying Taliban to Kill US Soldiers Since 2014 – During Obama Years

Their media, democrats, Never-Trump RINOs and Liz Cheney are very mad to hear Russia has been committing the Taliban to kill US soldiers .
They’re not doing a very good job.
** You will find 22 US deaths in Afghanistan total in 2019.
** There are 9 US deaths in Afghanistan thus far this year.
** Compare it to the 496 deaths in 2010 and 412 deaths in 2011 under Obama!
Truth thing.
These latest reports are also laughed in by the Taliban. At a new report in The Beast the Taliban admits Russia has been spending them for US deaths for years back to 2014!

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But it didn’t create any yelling headlines in 2015 and 2014!
Via in Adam Rawnsley Sami Yousafzai, Christopher Dickey, along with Erin Banco in The Beast:

Taliban veterans like to laugh according to their lore, that the Russians dumped a lot of American dollars. Throughout the Taliban campaign to take over all of Afghanistan in 1995, they really needed a fighter airplanes, and they had you to drive a cargo plane–a Ilyushin Il-76TD flying for a business named Airstan–to property in Kandahar.
The Taliban maintained the Russian crew members captive for a year until, one afternoon, they supposedly”escaped” and managed to take the airplane with them. How many millions to arrange, the Taliban have never mentioned, but after the long, bloody decade of the 1980s such as that stays a source of amusement projecting off Soviet labor, squeezing the Russians for cash.
Brought up the episode as soon as the Daily Beast asked him that the Russians were provided –and perhaps paid–bounties.
“The Russians spending U.S. dollars–it is not odd for the Taliban,” he said, his voice full of irony on the encrypted telephone call because he recalled the Airstan event. As for the current situation,”Meanwhile, the Taliban have been compensated by Russian intelligence attacks about U.S. forces–and on ISIS compels –in Afghanistan by 2014 up to the present.”

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