Report: National Guard Members Found Glass in Their Pizza from DC Restaurant While Deployed to DC to Save National Monuments from Leftists

The South Carolina National Guard ordered pizza in a restaurant. Glass bits were contained by the pizza according guard members.
The Washington DC Mayor kicked off the National Guard out of many local hotels.
The Military Times reported:

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While deployed at Washington, D.C., reacting to protests, two soldiers with the South Carolina National Guard discovered glass in their own pizza, a new report states.
The soldiers had been staying in the Marriott Marquis Hotel and utilized Uber Eats to send the pizza from an undercover regional establishment, both the Post and Courier reports, citing a Defense Department report on the incident. However upon its birth, the soldiers discovered the pizza had bits of glass baked.
The soldiers weren’t harmed, and also the S.C. National Guard considers it had been an isolated incident.
“The service associates are okay. It was a single incident. Their command said the Soldiers were advised to file a report with local police department. In my understanding they decided not to. There’s no additional information to document,” Capt. Jessica Donnelly, a spokeswoman for the S.C. National Guard, stated in an email to Military Times.

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