Renowned Art Museum Curator Steps Down after Refusing to Exclude Works by White Male Artists

One of the art curators in the country, gary Garrels, resigned after refusing to exclude functions of white male artists.

Gary Garrels stated not introducing artwork was discrimination.
This announcement was very offensive to staff and community members that accused him of”white supremacist” speech.
He was out within a month.

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The Washington Examiner noted:

An art museum curator has resigned by pretending to exclude male artists after outraging members of the team.
Gary Garrels, the curator of sculpture and painting, was the goal of a request which garnered just over 250 signatures demanding he resign after he denied to exclude artists. The request said that Garrels offended several members of the team by saying the museum would”certainly still continue to accumulate white artists” through a presentation about diversifying collection attempts to add more work from nonwhite artists.
“Through actions and words, Gary has been obtuse (at best) to the purpose of offense or deliberately racist (at worst) in his retorts to criticism. When pressed on the museum policies he has said some variation of’do not worry, we will continue to amass white male artists’ Amongst SFMOMA team as well as Gary has used and continued to utilize white supremacist and racist language such as’inverse racism.’ This has been recorded,” the request stated.
“Considering his long tenure at this institution, we ask just how long get his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the material of the museum? … In light of the aforementioned, the most suitable route toward the change SFMOMA has dedicated itself is for Gary Garrels to no more be a part of the institution.”

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