Redefining Life Balance

Life balance—who among us doesn’t crave that elusive idea of checking all the boxes, feeling on top of things, and never letting one ball drop. Is true life balance even achievable? Author and business expert Christy Wright set out to answer this question in her new book, “Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance.” She redefines the idea of life balance and offers a practical guide to achieving it. I recently asked for her advice in achieving this elusive goal. The Epoch Times: Why do you think a sense of life balance seems so elusive to so many of us? Christy Wright: Because we never define it. We don’t know what balance is; we’re just sure we don’t have it. We all want balance—whatever that means for each of us—but it’s like chasing a moving target. Any version of balance we think we’re supposed to want or …

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