REALLY? New BS Study Claims Black Lives Matter Riots Slowed Overall Spread of Coronavirus

George Floyd riots in Los AngelesA study claims that the Dark Lives the general spread of this Coronavirus actually may have slowed.
Thousands and thousands of people gathered in the streets rioting, protesting and looting without social distancing.
The study claims since the violent riots caused many people to stay home that the spread of COVID slowed.
Perhaps because law-abiding citizens obeyed lockdown orders and choosing not to ruin their own cities?

Via The Colorado Sun:

However a new study has found something unexpected: The protests could have slowed the general spread of this coronavirus in cities with large demonstrations, including Denver.
“We think that what’s going on is it’s the folks who are not likely to protest will be staying away,” explained Andrew Friedson, the CU-Denver professor who’s among those paper’s co-authors. “The overall effect for the whole city is much more social distancing since people are avoiding the protests.”
Friedson said his newspaper does not try to figure out if the protests spread the virus at the demonstration among the people. He stated the bigger-picture perspective: What did the protests imply for transmission of this virus inside the whole community was taken by the research?
The study looked at 315 cities and found that 281 of these cities watched protests. The 34 cities which didn’t see protests — which, at the time, included Aurora — were used as a control group in which to assess the effects of the protests.

“Public speech and public health didn’t trade off from each other in this scenario,” the authors wrote in the newspaper.
The bs study’s writers cautioned asserting that weddings are more harmful than rioting and looting.
‘An outside wedding does not create avoidance behaviour; we are measuring avoidance behavior,” Friedson stated. “People don’t say,’Oh man, there’s an outside wedding next door, we ought to stay home. ”’
Got this?
Weddings, barbecues and parties can induce COVID to disperse — but rioting, looting and protesting (if you’re in solidarity with Dark Lives Matter) will really slow the spread of COVID.

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