Racism Allowed by NBA: Montrezl Harrell Calls Luka Doncic a “B*tch Ass White Boy” During Playoff Game But Still No Suspension (VIDEO)

Approximately 98 percent of NBA players have been currently kneeling this year for Black Lives Issue.
The NBA is sporting
Los Angeles Clippers player Montrezl Harrell was captured on camera phoning Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic that a”bitch ass white boy!” During Game 3 of the NBA Western Quarterfinals playoff show Friday night played in the Bubble at Walt Disney World in Florida.

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After all of the hype this year by NBA players around sensitivity audiences were upset with the episode.
Apparently racial slurs against white players have been permitted from the NBA?

The ball is in your court, NBA?
Are racial slurs unacceptable?
Or is this a 1 way road?

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