Queensland Opposition Leader to Vote Against Euthanasia

Queensland’s Liberal National Party leader will vote against legalising euthanasia laws saying there are no guarantees terminally ill patients will have access to high-quality palliative care. Crisafulli had been non-committal on his position leading up to parliamentary debates, which began Sept. 14 around the prospective laws. Under Queensland’s Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Bill, those with a disease, illness, or medical condition that is advanced, progressive, or terminal can seek to be euthanised. The state parliament is currently debating the laws, with all MPs given a conscience vote. Crisafulli said that without adequate palliative care, Queensland could not give a free choice for patients to choose between better healthcare or ending their lives. “I believe the intention of the bill is to offer choice, but the reality is that it offers choice on a sliding scale that is in proportion to the size of your bank account or where you live,” …

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