‘Propaganda’: Australian Defence Minister Dismisses CCP, Labor Criticism

Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton has defended his comments about potential conflict with China in Taiwan after criticism by both Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spokesman Zhao Lijian and Labor foreign affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wong. “This is the propaganda of the Communist Party,” Dutton told Sky News Australia Tuesday, referring to Zhao’s comments that the defence minister was serving “selfish political gains.” Dutton said that Australia wanted peace in the Indo Pacific region and a good relationship with China. But should the United States get involved in a conflict in Taiwan, then under the ANZUS alliance, he said that it would be “inconceivable” for Australia not to join its ally. He, therefore, dismissed remarks by both Zhao and Wong, where Zhao said Dutton sought to criticise the CCP for political gain, and Wong said he was “amping up the prospect of war” ahead of the 2022 federal election. “I don’t think I’ve done …

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